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Upcoming Friends and Family Character WipeLylirraDec 10th, 2013 02:45pmBeta / PTR
Are the still seven evils or just Diablo now?BhishamDec 10th, 2013 02:00pmLore and Story
Banned friend.KyJelioDec 10th, 2013 01:00pmGeneral Discussion
Warning: Auction House 0 bid (even Buyout) gold exploitSkillolDec 10th, 2013 05:45amGeneral Discussion
Athene just said what many of us have been sayingNoxiferDec 09th, 2013 11:31amGeneral Discussion
DONT OVERPOWER ALL ITEMS!NezuLDec 09th, 2013 09:01amBeta / PTR
The life steal removal.DEuZDec 09th, 2013 08:46amBeta / PTR
Letter to SantaZEDDec 09th, 2013 07:16amBeta / PTR
Diablo 3 BalkanTojomDec 09th, 2013 04:31amLooking for Players
End game feature suggestionsArcagnionDec 09th, 2013 12:45amAus/NZ General Discussion
Scheduled Game Maintenance - 12/10/2013NeekliamDec 06th, 2013 09:46pmService Status
blackthorne?CypherzDec 06th, 2013 04:45pmGeneral Discussion
High latency - Started about 2 days agoDankoriiDec 06th, 2013 04:30pmTechnical Support
Blue Post About Lag Or UninstallAziahDec 05th, 2013 11:00pmTechnical Support
Latency SpikesTheThunderDec 05th, 2013 11:00pmTechnical Support
Stop burying your head in the sand about lagAziahDec 05th, 2013 11:00pmTechnical Support
Lag Since updatePievDec 05th, 2013 11:00pmGeneral Discussion
Lag Heads UPFuryDec 05th, 2013 10:45pmHardcore
Sudden fluctuating Latency spikes...RobDec 05th, 2013 10:45pmTechnical Support
I'm still experiencing a high degree of LAG.CavemanBassDec 05th, 2013 10:45pmHardcore
Lag and Blizzard...DonutDec 05th, 2013 10:45pmGeneral Discussion
Vote Today! Wizard Awards 2013JaetchDec 05th, 2013 10:15pmWizard
What do you think Malthael’s plans are?VaeflareDec 05th, 2013 10:00pmGeneral Discussion
End-Game: What would you like to see?GodricDec 05th, 2013 09:00pmGeneral Discussion
update : BOA not the plan anymore ?BlackSoulDec 05th, 2013 08:15pmGeneral Discussion
What will be BoA in Reaper of Souls?ExecutionerDec 05th, 2013 08:00pmGeneral Discussion
any x-mas events?SagiDec 05th, 2013 11:31amGeneral Discussion
Controller support coming?FondsDec 05th, 2013 08:01amGeneral Discussion
Getting Black Screen while on D3BehemothDec 04th, 2013 05:30pmTechnical Support
What hardcore will be like in RoS, from our perspectiveArbeiaDec 04th, 2013 11:01amHardcore
Friends & Family Beta Test Hotfixes - Dec. 4VanerasDec 04th, 2013 10:46amBeta / PTR
Beta keys given out to active d3 gamers. yeah right.NiemeyerDec 04th, 2013 08:31amGeneral Discussion
Penalty for dyingEvvDec 04th, 2013 08:01amBeta / PTR
Madness!RayquorzDec 04th, 2013 08:01amGeneral Discussion
Welcome! Please ReadLylirraDec 03rd, 2013 07:30pmBeta / PTR
Standard ed. but registered as Starter?KugmoliciousDec 03rd, 2013 06:15pmTechnical Support
What is the BETA import cooldown?RoyalMarineDec 03rd, 2013 06:15pmTechnical Support
Dreamhack Winter 2013VanerasDec 03rd, 2013 12:01pmGeneral Discussion
Piranhas Appreciation Thread.StarbirdDec 02nd, 2013 09:45pmBeta / PTR
Survival Bonuses should be in D3MadMykeDec 02nd, 2013 09:01pmGeneral Discussion
A skeleton can bleed ?Flo2lacanauDec 02nd, 2013 08:30pmGeneral Discussion
CAN WE NOT SELL ITEMS TO THE BLACKSMITHGimliDec 02nd, 2013 08:15pmCrafting and Artisans
Best drop ever !@! WooooBoozorDec 02nd, 2013 08:00pmWizard
Question regarding diablo 3 purchaseDreadsorrowDec 02nd, 2013 08:00pmGeneral Discussion
2.0 PTR starting "soon"DispiritDec 02nd, 2013 07:45pmGeneral Discussion
I seriously need a new content ASAP.yodatoyDec 02nd, 2013 07:31pmWizard
Psvita compatible?MastrsratosDec 02nd, 2013 07:30pmCommunity Platform API
So well. I've been quiet these past few days.UberjagerDec 02nd, 2013 06:31pmBarbarian
Constructive Views of WD for ROSREAPER666Dec 02nd, 2013 06:16pmWitch Doctor
Got a DH RoS Question? Ask away.NarullDec 02nd, 2013 04:01pmDemon Hunter