Storyline: A cryptic star falling from the skies hits at the Cathedral, into which Deckard Cain vanishes, creating a deep crater.

Act I

The protagonist arrives in town of New Tristram D3Sanc to inquire the falling star which hit at the cathedral, which is emanating risen undead. Leah is accompanied by the protagonist to the cathedral as a way to save Cain from the crater into. After saving Cain, the protagonist learns the sole path to the star that is fallen would be to get the better of King Leoric, the former ruler of Tristram understood as the ‘Skeleton King’. Collectively, they locate a stranger where the fallen star landed and get the better of Leoric Blue Tracker.

  • The sword bits are recovered by the protagonist from the Drowned Temple as well as the Khazra Den, opposed by the witch leader of the Dark Coven, Maghda.
  • The third bit is, nevertheless, recovered by Maghda ahead of the protagonist tries to drive the sword to be repaired by Cain and does.
  • Leah, nevertheless, kills the cultists having a surge of power that is magical, driving Maghda flee together with the stranger and to kill Cain with the patch.

Cain, before expiring, fixes jobs and the sword with returning it to the stranger, the protagonist, showing that both the stranger as well as the sword are angelic. Maghda is pursued by the protagonist into the bowels of the dilapidated torture chambers of King Leoric underneath his manor, returning to him and saving the stranger his sword following a violent fight a strong devil, with all the Butcher. The stranger’s memories are recovered, and it’s also shown that he’s the Part of Justice, the Archangel Tyrael.

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