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So this morning I started an Alkazier-ish run on A3/MP2. And right at the start of Arreat Core after killing a yellow Golgor boss I see 2 beams dropped. This was with zero NV stacks! What are the chances? AND, they were both good items too (I didn't ID them yet). One is a Lacuni Prowlers, the other is a 63 set Cape (Nats?).

Then 2 minutes later, a brown Wizard Hat drops... but it was the pointy 58 Gandalf Hat that you know is trash before you even ID.

Luck was on my side this morning! Sometimes I do wonder if the actual % is tweaked (not the RNG but the drop %)... as they never disclosed that number for legendaries; they did say they doubled it for 1.0.5, but again, never disclose the actual rate.

The day before Thanksgiving I got a whopping 21 browns/greens (MP2/Maxed out MF)... it certainly felt like someone bumped up the % rate, but I was probably just immensely lucky that day. Never saw anything even close to that # of drops again.

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Dec 26th, 2012 04:22am in the General Discussion board on the EU forums.


That's the wonder of RNG

Indeed. RNG can be a blessing and a curse at the same time :-)