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Diablo 3 Blue Posts » It was too good to be true

Don't know why blizz had to nerf the drop rates again. It's almost back to 1.0.4 levels. I'm talking about legendary and set items.

Yes, I farm a lot non stop, and I can honestly say something is different.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Back to farming.

Btw, ran 5 straight act 3 and 1 act 2 full clears. 0 legendary.

Some will say Rng is Rng but when the patch launched, I was running the same thing and I would get at least 1 legendary per run, or 1 every 2 runs. Same goes with my friends, none of them are getting any legendaries now, and they farm a lot.

I wish we had 1 more week of godly loot drop rates..

Edit. To put more perspective on my post here is the breakdown of all my drops

I farm MP 4 and 5.
With 422% mf minimum.

Full clears + key warden.

Day 1 and 2.

Inna's helm
Zunni Chest
Zunni Helm
Strongarm bracers
Nail-something crappy mace
Sunkeeper with LS
Sunkeeper with LoH
Gladiator Gauntlets
Vile ward

and some I can't recall... will updated later I have to check my ah and mules.

I farm the same amount of time each day. usually 8 hours.

Today been farming 6 hours, still 0 legendaries, 0 sets.

Now you can say my tinfoil hat is on too tightly, but look at the drops from 1st 2 days vs today.

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Oct 18th, 2012 10:32pm in the General Discussion board on the US forums.
Item drop rates do not Deep Breath more, guys. =/

- We haven't made any changes to drop rates or drop quality.
- They are same as they were yesterday, when the patch went live.
- We implemented some hotfixes this morning, but they weren't related to items at all.
- Those changes can be found here.

In all likelihood, you're just experiencing normal RNG. If, however, you feel like something may be bugged, go ahead and drop a line in the Bug Report forum so we can investigate.