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I am simply curious, why does your dev team need so much time to build up fixes for the PTR server? I was looking at list of known issues and they seem easy to fix, 1-2 days of work. Why do we have to wait like 3 months for a live update? Why can't they do theyr job in a productive and fast way? Are they like drinking coffe all day and coding when they feel in the mood? Other companies can offer updates weekly while Blizzard ninjas its way through months..Diablo 3 has real big problems that I and the rest of the community wait to be fixed, many like myself included don't play the game like we played Diablo 2 and it's ok, we understood Diablo 3 needs time but can't wait years to recieve the diablo experience I was looking for. I sure hope the new director will take real action and maybe put the team to work. All the updates so far were very good but I have the feeling they took less to build up and you guys just buy time for the expansion release. As for Jay Wilson, nice job with the combat system off hat for that, the rest I can't admit I love just because I am not into MMO and don't enjoy the simple auto made stuff. Diablo is all about freedom of the gameplay while you Jay delivered us restrictions. Anyway I aplaud your decision to offer the game to a better mind made for this type of game, I wish you good luck to your feature project (hope it's a MMO so you can make some players happy)

P.S. I think Diablo 3 was an experiment for the new game you are working on

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Jan 18th, 2013 09:12pm in the General Discussion board on the US forums.
One statement I’ve seen over and over on these forums and elsewhere are proposals for “easy” fixes and overarching assumptions about how long implementation for a variety of changes “should” take.

The reality is, game development is a hugely iterative and time-consuming process, with many people involved along the way. Design takes time, Coding takes time, art takes time, QA takes time: you name it. There are also multiple steps in the pipeline for each and every proposed change and bug fix, no matter how minor, and what issues are being worked on in what order and by who can and do change as new matters arise. Sometimes extra testing is also needed for bugs that come back broken and need to be retested, because we didn't want them to go live with a bad fix.

While there may indeed be a list of known issues and bugs that run alongside some patches, for every one you are aware of, there can be dozens or hundreds being worked on behind-the-scenes that you likely never be aware of. We do things just as quickly as we can, but even then, it’s a process that takes time.