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We so out gear this grindy game its not funny. You have 500K gold barbs beating MP10. I can do it for 20m gold as a wiz. Just stack defense beat game, beat any reflect, play lazy. Sad the whiners don't realize that and game is about to get even easier with RD nerf. Anyway - I miss 1.0.2 with the whole nine yards. Real damage. Enrage. Shielding. Higher reflect. You just couldnt stack defense - enrage would get u. You just couldnt stack DPS. reflect and hits would get u. U needed balance to conquer gates of inferno.

Petition bring it back! But you get 1000% MF for being there.

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Dec 20th, 2012 05:02pm in the General Discussion board on the US forums.
Discussing this subject matter is fine, but I am locking this thread since we try to avoid petitions on the forums. You're welcome to recreate the thread so long as it's not in a petition format, and more details regarding posting guidelines can be found here: