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Reaper of Souls F.A.Q & Chat

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Note: page is updating with new info, so please revisit for new info.

Wow this expansion seems really cool!

Reaper of Souls Videos

- Cinematic

- Gameplay

- Full Presentation Video from Gamescom 2013

- Reaper of Souls Site Live Now!

- Unique pictures from Box-art, Crusader, Matheal

Loot 2.0 Video

Crusader Gameplay video:

Q & A for many unanswered questions:

- Core System Changes is FREE in a patch before expansion - confirmed by Blizzard.
That is loot 2.0, paragon 2.0, Nephalim Trials & Loot Runs
- Armor renamed to Toughness (probably resist + armor combine)

NEW Level cap 70!
- So every class gets more skills, runes. (expansion exclusive only)

Paragon 2.0
- No paragon level caps
- Account wide paragon points
- All existing paragon experience for each account will be consolidated and paragon points will be given
- Paragon points can be spent on customising stats screenshot
- So far, 4 stats identified: Core, Attack, Defence, Utility
- Each attribute has up to 50 points, and spending 1 pt, e.g. gives u 5 STR or 3 MF, 1% movement etc
-Points/stats can be reset, meaning u can reset your allocation and reassign to another stat or character

NEW Crusader class (expansion exclusive only)
- Mid-range melee character
- Similar to D2 paladin

Crusader Skills
- Resource System: Wrath
- Skill Categories: Primary, Secondary, Defensive, Utility, Laws, Conviction
- Active Skills: Sweep Attack, Shield Glare, Judgement, Laws of Justice, Heaven's Fury, Consecration, Shield Bash, Fist of the Heavens, Blessed Shield, Blessed Hammer
Secondary Active Skills: Shield Bash, Fist of the Heavens, Sweep Attack, Blessed Shield, Blessed Hammer, Fist of the Heavens Skill Runes: Tempest of the Heavens, Well of Retribution, Lightning Rod, Reverberation]
- Passive Skills: Indestructible, Wrathful, Wrecking Ball, Against All Odds, Finery, Heavenly Strength, Holy Cause, Vigilant, Long, Arm of the Law, Stand Your Ground

NEW Act V (expansion exclusive only)
- Pandemonium Fortress.
- Not much known but it will be darker, random dungeons etc.
- Westmarch
- Transitions between internal and external places is more seamless
- Zakarum Cathedral
- Death Maiden lies in there
- Darker expansion
- The Wolf Gate
- Random Dungeons, Monster Spawns & New Quests

Loot 2.0
- Loot drop less, but much more useful
- Smart drops, every time a loot is dropped it has chance to have increased stats
- Comparing original D3 and the expansion - in Act 3 you'd find 256 common, 399 blue, 275 yellow and one legendary.
- In Reaper of Souls, it could be 73 white items, 266 blues and 83 yellow items - but there's more chance they'll be smart drops. + 6 LEGENDARIES
- Loot Runs are 15-20 minutes dungeons that are completely randomized.
- Legendaries has special abilities for class skills:
Wizard's legendary wand now has a greater chance of summoning Hydras
- New Gem Diamond (Resist?)

New monsters
- Seraph
- Summoner of Death
- Executioner
- Death Maiden

New Artisan: (expansion exclusive only)
- Can transmogrify your items or enchant
- Reroll an affix in a rare of legendary item

New Story:
- Sodding the black soulstone
- Maltheal, the Angel of Death is a sod
- Matheal is back in eternal conflict
- Matheal can turn dead against loved ones
- You can see Malthael's look he is miserable
- He can drain soul and is death incarnate
- He has angel wings
- New Monsters are involved too, seraph, deamon?
- Summoner of dead? the Executioner', hulking beast, Death Maide
- Main prime evil?

Transcript (Full Details)

Loot Runs:
Mystic Artisan:
Loot 2.0
New items:

Press Release:

Still many unanswered questions:
- Nothing said about PVP at ALL!
- Nothing said about Ladder (i imagine this is feature coming)
- Nothing said about self found mode also
- What about magic find?
- RoS Release & beta date?
- Nothing about new rune/charm system
- RMAH Changes?

Fact Sheet

Moved to post 4, read there.

• The Crusader enters the fray, joining ranks with the Barbarian, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Monk, and Demon Hunter
• Level cap increased to 70, enabling players to reach new heights of power
• Act V continues the story where it left off in Diablo III, taking players from the legendary city of Westmarch to the unhallowed halls of the Pandemonium Fortress
• Two new game modes–Loot Runs and Nephalem Trials–provide fun and rewarding objective-based challenges
• Upgrades to Diablo III’s Paragon progression system add even more end-game character advancement and replayability
• Newly designed loot system drops “fewer, but better” items, rewarding players with useful upgrades
• Collect rare items of unprecedented power, including game-changing Legendaries
• New spells and abilities for each of the game’s five original heroes
• A new menagerie of fiendish monsters slavering for the chance to feast upon Sanctuary’s heroes

#11 Add Q & A :
#10 Added monsters
#9 Added blue posts, confirms that core system changes is FREE, scroll down to post 4
#8 Added unique pictures of Box-art, Crusader, Matheal + Crusader skill trees
#7 Added Fact Sheet
#6 Reaper of Souls F.A.Q (coming soon)
#5 Press Coverage (coming soon)
#4 Added transcript
#3 Added pics
#2 Unanswered questions
#1 Formating

Read more about Reaper of Souls:
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why are the new legendaries account bound?

Could be some thing as simple as "enchant by reroll an affix in a rare of legendary item." making them bind to account ?

Pretty much this.

Things are still eligible to change, but as it is right now, items will bind to your account when you use the Mystic to enchant them.