d3sanc-review-act-vAct IV: The protagonist arrives to find it is under attack. The Part of Valor, Imperius, attributes Tyrael and the protagonist for their downfall, inducing Tyrael to give into despair.

On the flip side, the protagonist defeats the devil with different builds, and remains motivated to fight. After returning expectation to the forces of Heaven and saving Auriel, Auriel then instructs the protagonist to shut the Hell Rifts. The protagonist discovers Tyrael, that has overcome his despair next is completed.

Collectively, they try to prevent Diablo from reaching Tyrael’s corrupted former lieutenant, the Crystal Arch, the supply of electricity for the forces of Heaven, although not before a brawl with Izual.

Following a ferocious and long conflict, Diablo is conquered and his actual symptom is ruined. The Black Soulstone is revealed falling from the High Heavens, still whole. Following the conflict, Tyrael determines to rejoin the Angiris Council as the newest Part of Wisdom, but stays a person, dedicated to developing a long-term coalition between people and angels.