Act II: Tyrael, Leah, and the protagonist journey to town of Caldeum. A youthful Enchantress who presents herself as Eirena, who hails from another age is first encountered by the protagonist. With the help of Eirena, the protagonist finds and ceases cultists by blocking their progress from directing a delusion for 2100 discovered fields.

Freeing his guys and Captain Davyd, the Khasim Outpost is reclaimed by the protagonist in the serpent devils and is given access. After freeing the prisoners, the protagonist fights with Maghda in her lair and ruins her, avenging Cain, subsequently returns to save Leah from the grip of the Imperial Guards. Escaping to the sewers, Leah shows that her mom, Adria (the witch of Tristram from the first game) is still living. The protagonist helps in saving Adria from the town ‘s sewers, Leah.

diablo-3-act2Crafted by the warlock Zoltun Kulle that is deranged, it’s the ability ruin them forever and to trap the spirits of the seven Lords of Hell. Leah clarifies that the Horadrim slew Kulle that his severed head was sealed off in the verdant Dahlgur Oasis, and before he could place the finishing touches on the rock.

Adria instructs the protagonist if the Soulstone will be recovered to get the warlock’s head in the retreat. Leah revives the phantom of Zoltun Kulle following the head is recovered, and Tyrael instructs him to activate the Black Soulstone. Kulle states that two vials of his blood concealed by the Horadrim in the Barren Littoral are essential to get to the rock.

Leah decides to follow the protagonist whilst setting the warlock’s head in the protagonist’s packs. After regaining both vials of blood, the protagonist enterprises in search of his body into the archives of Kulle, while the rite to bring Kulle back is prepared by Leah. The protagonist finds the city under attack upon returning to Caldeum. Adria and Leah fight their approach to the palace together with the protagonist, as having taken the type of the Emperor to deceive them, and finally conquer him, showing Belial.