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Christmas Giveaway - Signed D3 CE, Mini-Tyrael, SteelSeries & More!

Happy Holidays everybody! Blizzard was awesome enough to hook us up with some pretty amazing prizes to give away to our visitors.

I've been grinding away in Diablo 3 for the last month and a half, working towards 100 Paragon on my Barbarian. I've managed to time it out to where I will be reaching my goal on Christmas day. So, I figured that this would be a good opportunity to give away some stff in-game and in real life. And then Blizzard contacted me and told me that they were going to hook me up with stuff, meaning I'm able to give away even more!

The Prizes

Listed below is some of the prizes we'll be giving away on Christmas. This time around, we are not limiting the contests to US residents only! This means that you can win even if you live over seas (yay).

  •   » Three Signed Diablo 3 Collectors Edition - Get yourself a highly collectable signed copy of the Diablo 3 Collectors Edition. Show off how awesome you are with your pair of Angelic Wings in-game and your developer signed box in real life!
  •   » Three Mini-Tyrael Statues - These little guys were given away inside the "grab bag" at Blizzcon 2011, so if you didn't attend it, you get one for yourself now.
  •   » Three Diablo 3 Cloisonné Pins - Collectible cloisonné pins are made of enamel and metal. The pin is silver and red featuring the Diablo logo guarded by Diablo himself.
  •   » Three SteelSeries Diablo 3 Mousepads - Diablo 3 mousepads from SteelSeries, choice of your class.
  •   » One SteelSeries Diablo 3 Mouse - Get your hands on the Diablo 3 mouse by SteelSeries.
  •   » Twenty Five Million Gold / Hour - We will be giving out over 25m gold (NA servers, Soft-core) every hour while the stream is live!
  •   » ManaPots - The currency used on our stream. You can spend them on services we provide, and we'll be giving away thousands throughout the stream!


The stream will be starting at approximately 8pm EST (5pm PST) and will last six to eight hours. This is to give everybody on the west coast a fair chance at some prizes as well, and even Europeans who will be up early the next day.

  •   » Where -
  •   » When - Tuesday December 25th @ 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific (December 26th @ 1am GMT)
  •   » Time Convertor

    How To Enter

    It's super easy to enter. All you need to do is be logged into your account, be a follower of the channel (hit the "follow" button) and be watching our stream. Randomly throughout the stream, I will ask the viewers to type a password into the stream chat. So, just type in the password I announce at the time and hope you win. It's that easy!

    Make sure to follow!

    The Rules

    The only rule is that you can not win more than once. If you win something during the stream, you are not able to win again. This does not disqualify you from other giveaways we do on the stream, just the ones for the rest of that day.

    Again, this contest is open to everybody! It doesn't matter where you live, you're eligible to win the prizes.

    Winners are responsible for the shipping costs of their prizes. This is the only way for me to allow people all over the world to be eligible, as it would cost me a ton to ship them myself. And, money is real tight at the moment.