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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8 Gold Dupe

Players have discovered a way to duplicate their gold via the Real Money Auction House. This allowed them to spend unheard of amounts of gold on items, most noticeably, gems. Hours after the servers came back up from the patch being deployed, everybody noticed how Radiant Star gems increased to over 100m gold each. Armor and weapons were also quickly bought out, nearly emptying out the Gold Auction House. Items that wouldn't have been worth 1,000 gold yesterday, were being bought up for 2b gold today.

The dupe happened when a player would list an amount of gold on the RMAH, then quickly cancel the auction house. They would get their gold back + extra, allowing them to create billions upon billions of gold in mere seconds.

Blizzard has taken the Auction House offline for now to prevent further exploitation. We are unsure whether or not a rollback will be issued, but we sure hope so...