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Diablo 3 Stream SteelSeries + Gear Set Giveaway

Win a Free Set of Gear!

Each and every week we will be giving away a full set of gear to one lucky viewer of our stream. Winners will be able to select the class and spec the gear is designed for, so don't worry about winning something you can't even use. Each gear set will be able to efficiently farm for legendaries & Paragon xp, allowing you to quickly gear up your main character or a freshly rolled alt.

Win SteelSeries Loot

The stream is now official sponsored by SteelSeries, meaning that we will have some great prizes to give out to our viewers each month! At the end of each month, we will be giving out a SteelSeries mouse, mousepad and headset. You enter the same exact way that you do for the gear set giveaway, so even if you don't win the weekly gear set, you still have the chance to win something awesome!

At the end of each calendar month, we'll take all of the contest entries and roll the three SteelSeries winners.

How to Enter

Entering the giveaway is quick and easy. All you need to do is follow our channel and watch the stream! Roughly once an hour, we will select a random viewer and enter their name into the giveaway list. At the end of each week (Friday), we will then take the entire list and randomly choose the giveaway winner. That person will then have one week to reply back to us, or they forfeit their prize.

Since we're drawing giveaway "contestants" roughly once an hour, that means the more you watch, the better your odds of winning. You can have your name entered into the giveaway more than once, so make sure you tune in as much as possible to maximize your chances.

You can also purchase contest entries with ManaPots, the currency used on the stream. ManaPots are obtained by watching the stream or by donating via PayPal to help support us. You earn 20 ManaPots per hour just by watching the stream, meaning you can buy a contest entry after watching for 5 hours. So even if you don't get your name drawn, you still have a chance to win!

To re-cap, all you need to do for a chance at winning is:

  » Must have a registered account.
  » Must "Follow" our stream channel.
  » Tune into our stream to increase your odds!
  » Purchase contest entries to further increase your odds!

Rules & Limitations

Sadly, this giveaway is only for the North American servers. I haven't ever played on the EU or Asia servers, therefore I don't have any funds available to me over there. If any of you want to donate some gold though so I can expand this giveaway to the other regions, send me (Unseen) a message here on the site or on Twitch (ManaPot).

If you win the weekly gear set, you are still allowed to win SteelSeries loot. You are only allowed to win each contest every three months. This is to help keep it fair and give everybody a chance at winning some loot.

Your name may be entered into the giveaway list more than once. So even if you get entered, keep on watching! It will only help to increase your odds of winning.

Being banned from our stream chat means that you are disqualified from the giveaway as well. It takes quite a bit to get banned anyways, so nobody should have an issues with this. :)

Winners are responsible for the shipping & handling costs of the SteelSeries prizes. This enables us to make the contest available for all viewers, no matter where they are located. Otherwise we would have to limit it to the United States only.

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