The option to attempt all 15 character classes in the initial act up to the Skeleton King confrontation was comprised by the content accessible the beta. The players were also able to test various in-game attributes like earning accomplishments in addition to crafting the auction house, through the blacksmithing NPC, hosting and joining games that are public.

The beta site made references that measures would be in place to avoid cheating that is future.

Post-start betterments

diablo-wallpapersPatch 1.0.4 introduced the paragon leveling system. After reaching the level cap of 610, characters continue to gather experience points, gaining paragon stages (up to some limit of 10), all of which offers a bonus to heart stats (making characters more strong and lasting) and magic discover and gold uncover (raising the amount and normal quality of loot drops).

Patch 1.0.5 enlarged the problem settings with the inclusion of the Monster Power system. As well as the Ordinary/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno problem system, players may also establish Monster Power at any amount from 0 to 10, with each degree of Monster Power raising the damage, health points, experience point return and loot fall rates past the base value to get certain problem grade.

The first PvP add-on to the game was in February 2013, included in patch 1.0.7; a straightforward free for all system called “Brawling” and multiple thing crafting alternatives.
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Games Console development

Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo III games console job” nevertheless a Blizzard representative after clarified that Bashiok’s tweet was merely “intended as an evidence that Blizzard is actively investigating the chance of creating a games console version of Diablo III,” adding, “This is just not an evidence that Diablo III is coming to any games console platform.”