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Oct 18th Hotfixes & Blue Posts

Oct 18th Hotfixes

Some hotfixes went out earlier this morning, nothing too important. Here they are though for those interested:

Official Blizzard Quote (Source)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the Reflects Damage monster affix that caused it to generate errors and deal no damage when triggered by a pet
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Arcane Enchanted monsters spawned their arcane beams in locations outside of the game world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when "uber" Skeleton King (in the Realm of Discord) or "uber" Rakanoth (in the Realm of Chaos) teleported outside of the game world
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when "uber" Siege Breaker (in the Realm of Turmoil) used his Roar attack while holding a player in mid-air

Blue Posts

Don't forget to check out our newly updated Blue Tracker everyday to see what the Blizzard staff are saying about Diablo 3. This newly updated version also pulls data from the EU forums now, so you might see a few names you don't recognize.

Official Blizzard Quote (Blue Tracker | Source)
Item drop rates do not Deep Breath more, guys. =/

- We haven't made any changes to drop rates or drop quality.
- They are same as they were yesterday, when the patch went live.
- We implemented some hotfixes this morning, but they weren't related to items at all.
- Those changes can be found here.

In all likelihood, you're just experiencing normal RNG. If, however, you feel like something may be bugged, go ahead and drop a line in the Bug Report forum so we can investigate.

Official Blizzard Quote (Blue Tracker | Source)


It can only be a bug.

It's not a bug, but we're definitely paying close attention to player feedback about Xah'rith's current difficulty -- not just in Inferno, but in all difficulty levels, and at all MP levels too.

We agree that he may be a little bit too challenging at the moment, and are discussing the possibility of either reducing his outgoing damage, tweaking what affixes he spawns with, or moving his spawn location (right now, he's kind of hard to avoid if you're just questing normally). We'd like to hear more from the community on the topic first, though, before we make any decisions.

In the end, we want the keywardens to provide a fun challenge for players, and be a little more difficult than the surrounding wildlife (i.e. a fight you have to put some thought into), but we don't want that to happen at the expense of being able to progress through an Act.

Official Blizzard Quote (Blue Tracker | Source)


keys have nothing to do with MF

Oh, and yes -- MF does not affect the drop rate of the keys or the demonic organ pieces. This man speaks the truth.

Monster Power levels do affect the drop rates, however. At MP0, the drop rate is about 5%. At MP1, it increases to 10%, and every MP level after will add another 10% (all the way up to 100% at MP10).


even if u have 300mf u still need the 5nv?

Even if you have 300 MF and are a certified badass who's killed Diablo and his kin hundreds of times will still need the five stacks of Nephalem Valor. It's a requirement in order for the keys and Blacksmithing plans to drop. :)

You can find more information here: