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Patch 1.0.7 Known Issues, Dyeing Legendaries, Blue Posts

Patch 1.0.7 Bugs

First off, we have a list of known issues with patch 1.0.7. Make sure to report any bugs you may find over on the PTR forums.

Official Blizzard Quote (Blue Tracker | Source)
Hello everyone, and welcome to PTR Patch 1.0.7! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 1.0.7 patch (patch notes are available here). Please do not report bugs that you see on this list as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list.

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 1.0.7 patch. What it is listing are issues that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance. In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some rare cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list.

Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy the Diablo III!!!

  • It is possible to not be able to receive the “Bashanishu” achievement if you hit Bashiok using a Basic Attack (not a skill).
  • The Demon Hunter achievement "Bleed, You Filth!" is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.
  • The Demon Hunter achievement "Death Trap" is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.
  • The “Haunted” achievement criteria will not be met when the mob is killed by an ally or pet without the player tagging it.
  • The "Self Sufficient" achievement is not awarded the first time you kill the boss and meet the achievement.
Auction House
  • There is no tooltip that explains the dynamic sort filter.
  • Hardcore heroes are not receiving the Kerrigan Wings item from the Heart of the Swarm Digital Deluxe nor Collector's Edition purchase.
  • Demon Hunter - Companion: The cleave attack target areas from Wolf and Spider companions are not tall enough to hit monsters above them.
  • Witch Doctor - Hex: Hexed targets are not displaying damage numbers above their heads.
  • Wizard - Archon: There are several actions triggering Archon to be cast while assigned to the left mouse button that did not do so before patch 1.0.5.
  • Wizard - Critical Mass: Critical Mass is not affecting Teleport or Slow Time when Archon is activated.
  • MinMaxDam Affix is calculating the damage bonus on weapon incorrectly.
  • Ruby gems socketed to certain weapon types do not add the correct value to the weapon's maximum damage.
  • Act 4 - The Pinnacle of Heaven: There can be two Tyraels in the cutscene on "Prime Evil : Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven in the Silver Spire" during a multiplayer game.
User Interface
  • Attempting to edit more than 27 Key Bindings will cause changes to Key Bindings, Gameplay, and Social settings to not be changed.

Dyeing Legendaries

It looks like we should be getting the ability to dye legendaries in patch 1.0.7. No more clown outfits, yay! The restrictions will still apply though (only certain slots able to be dyed).

Official Blizzard Quote (Blue Tracker | Source)
We’re working on getting Vanishing Dyes for Legendary items into 1.0.7. We intend for them to have the same slot restrictions as dyes traditionally have, so you’ll be able to use Vanishing Dye on say, your Legendary shoulders or helmet, but not items such as your weapons.

We hope this change will be available for testing on the PTR in a future build, but that may not possible. We’ll keep you updated. :)


We’re definitely working on making all dyes work for Legendary items. It’s not a quick-fix, though; as Fearophobias surmised, our artists actually need to go back and redo the textures on all the Legendaries in order to make them dye-compatible.

Since we know this process will take some time, we wanted to make sure that players could at least use Vanishing Dye for now (it was the most-requested dye for Legendaries that we’ve seen to date).

Blue Posts

Official Blizzard Quote
Treasure Goblins and Demonic Essence (Blue Tracker | Source)

After further consideration and discussion, we've decided to allow Treasure Goblins to retain their chance to drop a Demonic Essence. (Those goblins drive a hard bargain!)


Dueling Deaths in Town (Blue Tracker | Source)

Thanks for the reports. In the next PTR patch (no ETA at this time), your hero will be fully healed and have all debuffs cleared from him when you leave the dueling area.


Marquise Gems - Account Bound (Blue Tracker | Source)

Marquise gems are Account Bound, meaning you cannot trade them or list them on the Auction House. This is why you cannot search for them on the Auction House.

The plans are tradable, and I will enter a bug for them not being searched in the Auction House.


Achievements (Blue Tracker | Source)

We've recently seen a number of posts from players regarding friend invitation spam and how it's been affecting your online experience. We agree that it's an issue and have not only been looking at ways to improve the Friend Invitation system, but also how to handle all the existing spam.

To that end, going forward any outgoing friend requests from players who are reported for spamming invitations will be proactively deleted. While players may still receive some friend invitation spam here and there, this change should result in an overall decrease in the number of fraudulent friend requests that reach your Social window. If you happen to receive a friend invitation that's spam, please continue to use the "Report Spam" option as normal so that our support staff can review the complaint.

I'm guessing it'll be more than one report though, correct? Hopefully more than a handful? This can very easily be abused if it's not, :/.

I'm super hesitant to provide that information (given that those details could be used to abuse the system), but suffice it to say that there are checks and balances in place. Simply reporting another player for Friend Invitation spam does not mean that all their invitations will suddenly disappear.

Like I said:


If you happen to receive a friend invitation that's spam, please continue to use the "Report Spam" option as normal so that our support staff can review the complaint.