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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls -

Mar 19 2014 12:08 AM | Unseen

100 Soul Reapers

Want to win a copy of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls for free? Our partners at are giving away 100 copies to the top players of their game "Flappy Reaper". The contest is only open until March 31st, so get your name on the leader board!

No purchase necessary.

Epic Loot! is also giving away lots of awesome prizes for the release of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. 15 winners will be selected to win prizes including: 2 x IIYAMA 24" Monitors, 5 x RAZER NAGA MOLTEN Gaming Mice, 3 x RAZER DEATHSTALKER Keyboards and 5 x RAZER GOLIATHUS Mouse Pads. In order to qualify for this contest, you just need to head to the following link and complete the 5 easy steps listed about half-way down the page.

No purchase necessary.

Order Your Copy

And of course, for all of you who still haven't ordered your copy of Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, has tons of copies for sale at a great low price! Snag your copy now and be ready for Malthael's destruction on March 25th...

Reaper of Souls: $38.99 - Original Game: $36.21

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Diablo 3 Gold & Real Money Auction House To...

Sep 17 2013 07:32 PM | Unseen

Bye Bye Auction House

Shocking news earlier today, the gold and real money auction houses are being removed from Diablo on March 18th, 2014. This major change will most likely take place right before the expansion is released, so we can guess that Reaper of Souls will come out in April or May (around the 2 year anniversary).

What are your thoughts on the removal of both auction houses? Will you be trying to liquidate your assets before the change takes place? Or hold onto it and see how things play out afterwards?

Official Blizzard Quote (Source) (FAQ)
When we initially designed and implemented the auction houses, the driving goal was to provide a convenient and secure system for trades. But as we've mentioned on different occasions, it became increasingly clear that despite the benefits of the AH system and the fact that many players around the world use it, it ultimately undermines Diablo's core game play: kill monsters to get cool loot. With that in mind, we want to let everyone know that we've decided to remove the gold and real-money auction house system from Diablo III.

We feel that this move along with the Loot 2.0 system being developed concurrently with Reaper of Souls™ will result in a much more rewarding game experience for our players.

We're working out the details of how the auction house system will be shut down, but we wanted to share the news as soon as we made the decision in order to give everyone as much advance notice as possible. Please note that the shutdown will occur on March 18, 2014. We will keep everyone informed as we work through this process.

Josh Mosqueira and I wanted to provide everyone with a little more information behind this decision, so please have a look at the video, and stay tuned to this site for further updates in the months ahead.

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Diablo 3 Expansion Pack - Reaper of Souls

Aug 21 2013 04:26 AM | Unseen

Diablo III - Reaper of Souls

"Diablo III - Reaper of Souls" is confirmed! The cinematic at Gamescom just finished up, we're expecting to see it online soon. Keep checking this news post for up-to-date information (I'll edit it as we go).


  •  •  New Class - Crusader
  •  •  Level cap being raised to 70!
  •  •  Paragon changed, now account wide and allows you to allocate stat points.
  •  •  New artisan to change the appearance of your gear.
  •  •  Enchanting - re-roll affixes on legendaries.
  •  •  Loot will work like it does on console ("smart loot").
  •  •  We will be getting 1 new act.
  •  •  Malthael will be making an appearance (bad guy).

Up-To-Date Edits

6:41am EST - That's it for now folks. We'll be getting lots more information over the course of Gamescom 2013, so make sure to keep checking back here to see what Blizzard releases to us. Read the information below from the bottom up if you want to read it a little bit easier.

6:37am EST -

6:07am EST -

6:00am EST - They are changing loot to work like it does on console versions. The loot will be more suited for the class you play, making it easier to obtain upgrades for your character.

5:56am EST -

5:52am EST - The Crusader will be playable on the Gamescom demos! No cameras are allowed while play-testing.

5:49am EST - The Crusader's taking the limelight - wielding shield and long sword, he's a heroic looking chap. He's linked to Diablo 2's Paladins. They're a mid-range melee character. A Sparten ethos with the power of a modern tank. They've got crusader shields, and flails. They can get right up in the midst and crack skulls. A war machine made human.

5:45am EST -

5:43am EST - The new class it the "Crusader". Nothing is known about our new hero yet.

5:41am EST -

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Diablo 3 Expansion Announcement - Gamescom 2013

Aug 21 2013 12:29 AM | Unseen

Blizzard is scheduled to make an announcement at Gamescom 2013 later today (5:30am EST), which we are all assuming will be our first look at the expansion for Diablo 3. Blizzard has a pretty sweet booth setup for Diablo (seen above, click the image for the full thing), making it seem more likely that a Diablo related announcement will take place.

But that's not all! It was recently discovered that the German rating board mentions "D3 & D3C & D3XP (gamescom-Trailer)". It's fairly safe to say that we will be seeing a brand new trailer for the expansion, so keep coming back for up-to-date information as it unfolds later on today at Gamescom 2013.

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Diablo 3 Expansion - "Reaper of Souls"?

Aug 14 2013 05:29 PM | Unseen

Diablo 3 Expansion - "Reaper of Souls"?

It looks like the Diablo announcement we might be hearing at Gamescom this year, could be the announcement of the expansion. The above website was recently discovered, and might be a part of what we'll see in the near future. There is currently a lot of speculation going around in the community about whether or not Malthael (The Archangel of Death) will make an appearance in the game.

If you would like to chat with the community about this, check out these great posts over on Reddit:

Post #1 by henkis
Post #2 by thenonhacker

Diablo 3: Book of Tyrael

Don't forget to pre-order your copy of "Diablo III: Book of Tyrael" before October 1st to get your copy as soon as possible. Currently listed at $29.70 USD, this 148 page hardcover book features never-before-known stunning original art and writings from iconic Diablo series characters such as Leah and Deckard Cain, as well as a fully removable family tree.

For more information about the book, check out our news article from when it was first announced.

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